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“Someday” – my new song

Usually, I post every second day but this morning a melody was swimming around in my head as I was driving. By the time I pulled into my driveway, I heard the first line of lyric! I rushed to my piano and began playing and scribbling on note paper. Four hours later, I have notated an entire piano accompaniment, two verses and a chorus!!!

Composing “Someday” music and lyrics (c) 2017 Jennifer Trijo


I am so excited to record this one! It’s a Pop Ballad called “Someday”. It’s in the vein of singer/songwriters such as folk legend, Joni Mitchell, and Aussie songstress, Katie Noonan.

Two of my favourite singer/songwriters


It is a song about the dreamers who never find the courage to fulfil their aspirations. Maybe you can relate or know someone who needs to hear these words. I don’t think this message came to me in solitude, I believe that someone out there needs to hear it, so I am going to write and record it. Follow my blog and social media for new music in 2017! For now I am going to share the lyrics that I wrote.

“Someday” © 2017 Jennifer Trijo

She watched the world from a safe distance

Pondering often in the silence

She often told herself in whispers

Wondering often in her shyness


One day, I’ll swim an ocean

Someday, I’ll climb a mountain

Today, I have just chosen

To stay until I stop doubting



For a better time, for the perfect day


Hoping that one day “Someday” will arrive


He liked to view the world in pictures

Capturing beauty in the moment

In a kaleidoscope of riches

He still felt lonely and broken


One day, I’ll be an artist

Someday, I will be noticed

Today, the hardest part is

Dismay, when I feel hopeless



For a better time, for the perfect day


Hoping that one day “Someday” will arrive


What’s next?

I feel like my creativity is on overdrive this summer as this is the second original song that I have written this month! I have another one cooking which I started on 8 January!

Once I have practised “Someday” more, I’ll create a video and post it up for you to enjoy! I can’t think of a better way to have spent my day. It’s as if 4 hours flew past so quickly as I was lost in creative euphoria. I can’t wait for you to hear what’s in my head and straight from my heart!

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  1. Such and exciting creative venture, JT, and a lovely poem. I look forward to hearing your recording!
    (Joni Mitchell is one of my favorite poet singers, and I appreciate learning about Katie Noonan for your post.)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Carol. Yes, Joni Mitchell is quite an inspiration and Katie Noonan is an Aussie gem. I hope you listen to some of Katie’s music. I recommend “Slowly”, & “Tip of memory”. Enjoy!

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