Editor's Diary

YouTube Makeover!

The Serenade Files is now also a YouTube Channel!

I have decided to make my Vlog an extension of my Blog, The Serenade Files. You are invited to subscribe and watch my creative work unfold in another medium.

I am very excited to announce that I have recorded a video singing my newest song, “Someday”. Check out the video via this link:


You may recall my blog on the 16th January where I shared the lyrics to the song. Having written this song less than a week ago, I would love some feedback from my friendly online community about my new original songs. I have an album concept and new live show in mind, and I aim to post a new song each month via The Serenade Files YouTube Channel.

A new record is on the horizon!

You now have the chance to help shape this new album into something special by interacting with me throughout my creative journey. I look forward to sharing my Vlogs with you. Thank you to the subscribers of my former YouTube channel but as of today, I have deleted my old channel and old videos: tabula rasa. I needed to make room for new creativity and declutter my online spaces.

I truly appreciate those who have supported me and read my first few blogs! Your insightfulness has been a blessing. 

I look forward to connecting with like minded artists and writers throughout this platform. Stay inspired, be creative, express yourself through your art and unleash your inner voice. Your creativity and courage is fuel for my own!


  1. Oh my, how beautiful! How soulful! Love it!!! Your vocals are amazing and Jakub is doing a lovely job on third ivory keys!! Xxx Lots of love,



    1. Thanks for the feedback bella! We have to book you in for a recording session soon. We have a second track which Jakub composed that needs your beautiful violin talent xox