Sadly, this is not a post dedicated to my one millionth YouTube viewer. I’ve just surpassed one hundred views on my first video for 2017 and I’m content with that. This is a post about my fragility over the past 48 hours whilst living with the common cold. Yes, despite being ailment-free for nearly a year, aside from the occasional migraine, the cold has moved into my home making itself at home like a house guest overstaying its welcome. However, the cold is never welcome. There’s never a good time to be ill and I dread having to play catch up when I take time off from work.

Feeling glamorous

As always, the cold showed up in true ninja fashion. Late Wednesday night following my husband’s birthday dinner date I started feeling symptoms. It was a terrible way to end a fun night out. All of Thursday I was bedridden and felt weak. My jaw hurt, my throat was sore and itchy, and my nose failed to function as breathing apparatus; I was a mess. Even now, as I sit on the couch sipping peppermint tea, I feel congested and my sinuses are weeping. I just ingested antihistamine in a desperate attempt to breathe. My nose is raw and tissues feel like sandpaper against it. I wish I had aloevera.

Feeling the cold
Tissues and tea for desert

Despite my hideous state, I appreciated the rest. I haven’t slept this long in ages, as my busy life steals my rest. The best laid plans and all my organisation are no match for when my body decides to check out from life.

This is a shout out to all of my Aussies who have the common cold and anyone who is recovering from illness. I know there are far worse diseases out there so forgive my rant. As I scroll through my Facebook newsfeed I feel less alone because everyone seems to be ailing from the common cold. God help us in winter if we’re all this viral in summer.

#tissues #tea #bed #sick #aaah

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