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The joy of writing


I love the smell of the pages in a fresh notebook. I love putting ink to paper and the catharsis of seeing my thoughts transform into words. The inspiring quotes of many writers have become my mantras.

My family first purchased a computer when I was seventeen and I’ve spent a large part of my childhood writing with a pen and paper. I think penmanship is a dying art in the digital age and I still record many of my ideas in notebooks, particularly the lyrics to musical compositions. My latest compositions, such as the song ‘Someday’, are in their developmental stages and I have some big ideas in the works.

I grew up as an only child and words became my cherished companions. I wrote poetry and song lyrics, and I would spend hours on my creations, many of which never saw the light of day. Writing was an end in itself and many of my works did not require an audience.

As I reflect on my many years of writing, I gain a renewed appreciation for this creative platform. Time slows down when I write and I give myself permission to be lost in thought. As an avid reader, the writers of the past and present continue to inspire and resonate with me. I, too, wish to contribute to the field of literature. George Bernard Shaw once remarked…

“Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
– George Bernard Shaw

I would add to this by writing that I want to create a reality that I need not escape from. I have given writing a prominent place in my life and it has helped me to find balance; it helps me to make some sense of this life. Even if no one reads my work, I will write anyway, for it is through writing that I will learn to express my deepest truth and explore every aspect of my being.

I once shared an apartment with a stand-up comic and writer. I would often see pages of his writing thrown out into the bin. I asked him why he didn’t keep his work, and he explained that he just needed to write and reading it again was unnecessary. His way of working was very different to mine.


I tend to keep all of my writing, and the scribbles of my life are scattered in an array of notebooks; I call this my nostalgia collection.

I find writers and creatives to be very interesting people. Many artistic people are cynical of capitalist values that dismiss art as no more than a hobby or flowery pastime. To the creative being it is a worldview, an extension of their self; it is more than a job.

Prominent author Roald Dahl had some valuable advice to impart on writers in his short extract called Lucky Break. Dahl highlighted seven qualities he thought necessary for anyone who wanted to be a writer: a lively imagination, ability to write well, stamina, perfectionism, strong discipline, a keen sense of humour, and a degree of humility.

Writing and reading has taught me a lot about the human condition. My curiosity manifests in the written word and I feel more alive. There is true joy in this endeavour and I seek to develop it further.

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