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7 steps to exploring our Members’ Area

Thank you to all of our e-news subscribers and our registered members. I welcome the newest members who’ve signed up over the weekend and I hope you are loving our content.

I’ve had some users requesting help lately. In order to make your user experience more seamless, I’ve put together this step-by-step guide for how to log in. This article is mainly for members who wish to submit content to the publication in future. It is free to access our articles and our magazine.

I encourage all members intending to become contributors to have a two-minute read of this blog post and our submission guidelines. Please contact me via email or through social media if you need tech support. Thank you!

Step 1 – Member’s Registration

Visit and choose the Member’s Registration from the drop down list in the main menu. Fill in all your details and click REGISTER. All new registrations are moderated by me to ensure that only genuine members are active on our site so please be patient. I generally approve new registrations within 24 hours.

Here is an example of the email when you register.

Step 2 – registration approval

Once I have received a notification of your registration, I will approve your request. The username and password below are for illustration purposes only. You should receive an email that looks like this:

Don’t copy and paste this initial alphanumeric password (it hasn’t worked for some users), please visit the Member’s Login or Member’s Profile page to reset your password. You will need to take note of the username specified in this confirmation email. (usernames cannot be changed once your registration has been approved so choose one you’re happy with.)

Step 3 – reset password

Click on the link ‘Click here to reset’ which is directly below the Log In button, then check your email.

Step 4 – password successfully reset

You should receive this message on your screen and your email will contain the new password.

You should see this message if your password reset worked.

Step 5 – copy new password

You should have received an email that looks like the one below. Copy the second alphanumeric password and paste it into the Member’s Login page.

copy this password and enter your username into the login page.

Step 6 – log in with new password

Make sure you answer the maths question correctly to log in!

Step 7 – choose your own password

You have the choice of clicking the ‘remember me’ box when you log in to make future visits easier. Alternatively, you can choose an easier password that you are likely to remember. You can always copy and paste the alphanumeric password if you save the email you received when you reset it.

You are now ready to explore. I recommend that you start with our Members’ Magazine. Thank you for reading this help guide and for supporting The Serenade Files.

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