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The Serenade Files is an independent arts and lifestyle publication featuring reviews, inspiration for creatives, profile features, practical advice, and opinion pieces.

Content is grouped into categories about film, performance, profiles, health, home, finance, travel, books, reviews, and photos.

I aim to celebrate the incredible achievements of fellow disruptors, innovators, and outside-the-box thinkers; people like you.

My mission is to to promote independent artists’ and entrepreneurs’ achievements and help to tell your story.

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Serenade was a nick name I had throughout high school. My peers knew me as the singer hence Serenade was a by-product of my active singing reputation.

I created The Serenade Files inspired by the creative achievements of human beings; this is definitely something to sing about.

jennifertrijo.com is a creative hub where I explore every element of my artistry and self-expression. It began as a site to host my performing arts achievements and evolved into an arts and lifestyle publication in January 2017.

I specialise in the performing arts, music, and education. My goal is to help you improve your craft and promote your work. My reviews are opinion pieces and will only ever be constructive, honest, and based on my experience of a particular show, film, or book.



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I love to create. Songwriting, poetry, and photography inspire me.

I love learning and I strive to bring you new content through this site.

There are dozens of free articles on The Serenade Files for you to read and share. I write to benefit you and share the knowledge that I have gained through thousands of hours of stage experience, and studying music, education, journalism, and business management.

I write from the perspective of a trained musician, performer, educator, and lover of the arts.

My entire back catalogue of original songs is available to stream for free.

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