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21 Sites For Paid Arts Opportunities

A working artist rarely relies on a single job. Most creative people have a portfolio career and juggle multiple clients and income streams. There are glamorous moments but most days are challenging, daunting, and demanding. Artists need to be proactive, resilient, and paid for their work in order […]

3 Simple Steps to a Successful Performance

You’ve got a gig! You’ve set the ground work by practising for hours on end. You know your material and you know that this performance is extremely important, but while anticipating the start of the performance, dreaded self-doubt may enter your thoughts. In live performance anything can happen, […]

Prompt! I Can’t Remember My Lines

Revising your parts for a show can be daunting. Be it music, choreography, or script lines, you are capable of more than you give yourself credit for. When I think about how much is stored in my memory, I marvel at the power of the human brain to […]

Connect the dots

Music is a language that transcends logic, yet it requires rigour and calculated study before its expression can flourish. Delving deep into a new piece of music can bring about a range of feelings – from sheer delight to utter frustration – depending on one’s reasons for needing […]

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