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You Are the Universe: Stefanoff’s International Career Soars

Mark Stefanoff is enjoying success in exotic locations working with some of the biggest names in entertainment, yet he remains genuine, grounded, and sincere. Kinky Boots won the heart of many Australians and a year ago Stefanoff and I were in Surry Hills chatting about his professional debut […]

A Breath of Fresh Air: Amy Dickson’s World Premiere in Adelaide

Who dared to transcribe the frantic passages of Philip Glass’ Violin Concerto No. 1 for the saxophone, and then taught themselves to circular breathe in order to perform said transcription? An award-winning saxophonist with a profound message: how we breathe determines how we live. Amy Dickson arrived at […]

A Knights’ Tale: the Trials and Joys of Being a Self-Funded Producer

What does Oklahoma and Popeye have in common? A visionary South Australian musician with a big heart. On a 12°C night in May, I met up with Emma Knights at a cafe in Stirling. It looked cosy on the inside but without a reservation this interview had to […]

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