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God’s Debris – Book Review

Scott Adams of Dilbert fame writes a fictional thought-experiment that is designed to make a reader rethink the bigger questions in life. At 132 pages it is a novella but given the philosophical, scientific, mathematical, spiritual, and social topics concerning the two fictional characters, a reader can be […]

The joy of writing

I love the smell of the pages in a fresh notebook. I love putting ink to paper and the catharsis of seeing my thoughts transform into words. The inspiring quotes of many writers have become my mantras. My family first purchased a computer when I was seventeen and […]

Booked In

I wrote this article as a tribute to Book Week. I have always loved reading and recently my appetite for books has been voracious. I may be turning into Belle from Beauty and the Beast or at least the Francophile in me wishes I was her. Since my […]

A Human’s Right: the Epitome of Resilience – Book Review

The Only Girl in the World – Book Review by Jennifer Trijo The fleeting moments of loneliness that I felt in my life pale in comparison to the plight of Maude Julien. Her formative years were filled with sorrow and torment, yet she found the courage to speak […]

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