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New Year Inspiration: Flip the Negative

When setting goals for 2018, start with your mind. When your mind is well, other areas of your health and lifestyle begin to benefit. Everything starts with the mind. One’s perspective is so powerful that it can influence many aspects of one’s life. What we read, listen to, […]

How’s the serenity?

I have made time to breathe and be mindful. Spring holidays, for me, are about new beginnings and generating new ideas.  Two weeks’ holiday can fade away quickly, particularly when one tries to squeeze a production into the first week. The sun is out, the weather is moderate, […]


I don’t have time. As ironic as this statement is, because we do in fact have time, it is a notion many of us could likely relate to given how busy our lives are. Why are we so busy? We choose to fill our lives with so many […]


I want so much to pull myself up and out from this dark well. I have overcome so much in my life and I know that I am capable of this. But the self-talk is suffocating. It is challenging and it tests me everyday. I have worked hard […]

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