So Special

8.So Special
8.So Special
Track 8: Keys To a Woman's Heart

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© 2012 Jennifer Trijo

When you come to mind, I lose track of time
I can’t believe you’re mine, cannot bring myself to describe
This overwhelming urge to always be right by your side
And every single word is just a reflection of my pride

I have you as my baby, I’ve been so happy lately
Since you walked into my life I can’t get over you and I
And every blessed moment that we’ve together spent
Is so indescribable, I’m so grateful our love is so special

Little things you do make me content to be with you
A smile so rarely appears whenever you’re not near
It’s crazy but you see boy my love for you burns within me
And oh so certainly this is our destiny

I’ve fallen for you baby, can’t help it my heart made me
Try to hold it back but I just failed, am I just living in a fairy tale?
Will this be a happy ending? My life with you will I be spending?
Baby if it’s possible, I’ll be grateful our love is so special

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