Adrian Edgar

September 9, 2012

“I had been to one of Jennifer’s shows as part of the Fringe and was seriously impressed but wondered how she would go entertaining an audience of 180 in a dinner setting. Well, she was absolutely terrific. She is a gifted singer and entertainer. Her interplay with the audience was sensational and her performance as a singer was well beyond my expectations. She is the best entertainer we have had at Kooyonga’s Members’ Dinner.”

Adrian Edgar

General Manager
Kooyonga Golf Club SA

Emily Glaw

april 28, 2012

I absolutely love what you have done with your website 🙂
I love hearing about what you are achieving and without getting clichéd I would definitely say that you have changed my life.
Thank you for being an influence in my life,

katie dridan

april 23, 2012

I love all of your songs and everything you do!

Barbara Webb

april 18, 2012

What a splendid performance and a truly great voice. You made us all feel like we’d paid thousands to hear you. I continue to play your music on Coast FM and know that listeners appreciate your music. Cheers Barb


november 10, 2011

Love your work babe! your absolutley amazing and I love you and miss you each and every day xoxo

Jo & Nathan Marslen

November 2, 2011

To all future bride’s and groom’s out there planning weddings’s do yourself a favour and look no further than this lovely entertainer Jen Trijo. We were so impressed by Jen’s voice that we are booking her for a function in the hotel that I work in. My father was at my wedding who owns the hotel and hates music and he asked for me to find out when she could come and do a show at his pub.

I also used the photographer that Jen has recently teamed up with and He was awesome. They will make a fab team together or separate.

Nothing was to hard for Jen and she even performed my favourite song to walk down the aisle to.

Thank you so much for making our wedding day a memorable day and for entertaining our guests so much that I have had several people ask where can we go see her.

Jo & Nathan Marslen
SA wedding clients October 2011

Priscilla & Justin Tyler

October 26, 2011

Regarding our wedding in November 2009, Justin and I can’t speak highly enough of Jen.

Jen, we often get friends and relatives telling us our wedding was the most fun the’d ever been to because of the atmosphere you helped to create with the get up n dance music selection, and especially because of your star quality voice. In all genuineness, your musical performances at our reception were exceedingly above the standard of which is typically seen at a wedding. You sang with such confidence and clarity it was truly a delight for our guests and a real highlight of our big day. We can’t thank you enough.

You exceeded our expectations and come with our highest recommendations for a wedding, or other special event.

Priscilla & Justin Tyler
SA Wedding clients – Nov 2009

October 26, 2011

My name is Chris Charlton and I am currently learning to play piano under Miss Jennifer Trijo. From my 2 months under her teaching, I have enjoyed every minute of learning this musical instrument. Jennifer provides honest and helpful feedback. She is always willing to go out of her way to ensure that I can achieve the work she sets for me. Jennifer also likes to challenge me, which I feel is a good thing, because in my view, that makes me feel as if she believes I can perform the more challenging tasks. Jennifer also has a lot of patience with me, which I feel is essential when I’m learning a brand new instrument.

One of Jennifer’s best qualities as a teacher is her terminology. For a student like me, who has very little experience in learning music, her terminology is very easy to understand, and that makes it a lot easier for someone like me.

In conclusion, I would like to say that learning piano under Jennifer has been nothing but a pleasure, and I look forward to becoming a better music student under Jennifer’s teaching.

Chris Charlton


july 19, 2011

Great to hear from you again!

Jacinta Fox

may 16, 2011

Miss Trijo you look pretty in this pic


december 27, 2010


roman nery

october 31, 2010

your so beautiful

Jayemin Barry

september 17, 2010

Miss Trijo!!!
You are amazing! I knew you were an awesome teacher and singer but I didn’t know you were famous! WOW
You’re an awesome asset to our school, you could have persued a career and became a star but instead you’re working in a pretty poor school like ours, so thankyou 🙂
You are incredible 🙂

Gary Dagdag

january 25, 2010

Hello i don’t hAve any comment jen .i just want to say to you im gary .if you remember me im your no.1 fan there in sydney and up to now.im really your no.1fan .but something hAppen into my life there in sydney i cAme back here in phils.and i miss you so much jen .all the good and bAd happening in our life.i feel so lucky when i was there and the time the first dAy i meet you and your family. Coz i know in my heart you have a beautiful heart to all the people with u.your so kind and friendly despite sometimes your very tired to sing all the requested song up to 3 or 4 oclock in the early morning.hehehe.By the way up to this time jan 25.2010 im still your no.1fan no doubt about it.im very happy what isee here in your website im very proud of you.all the success in your life.and i wish more success come to you jen.i love you my friend.when your miss saigon are on going there .i feel very sad to my self not to watch your performance.But i pray to god to give you the best health and performance everytime you are on the stage.i miss you and i hope someday i see you.goodluck to your upcoming cd album to produce this year 2010.i wish to send me a copy of that cd album and your single.keep up the good work .god bless you always.keep in touch.

Rhoda Lopez 🙂

january 18, 2010

Hey JT!!! Bella… Happy New Year! I like how you’ve simplified your site – I’m getting mine done so gathering inspiration from you – once again 🙂

Lots of Love to you my dear. Be well and happy always xoxox


september 23, 2009

best wishes 😡
in luv with your voice ^^


august 20, 2009

Nice site!
Good Luck!

Samantha Fleming

june 2, 2009

Thanks for a fantastick night at the South Australian firefighter Ball. Your site is very impressive I would love to send you the pick

Angie Bedford

april 5, 2009

Hey Jen!

Hope you are well! Your site looks amazing, and great to see your doing so well!


Rhoda Lopez 🙂

february 5, 2009

Hey gorgeous girl,
Finally I am checking out your site, and am grinning that I am grinning on your site hahah!!! Looking forward to seeing you… and it’s a beautiful site… so many things to check out!!

Love lots,
Rhodes xoxox

Tim Flores

november 3, 2008

hey jen,
what a surprise last sat nite!
i was next door at another venue, bored with the bands playin there and went out for a cigarette and heard your band groovin out. I ran back in, grabbed few friends and we caught yr last set.
Dig yr sound!

Adam Gardener

october 9, 2008

I am Proud of you sis.
I try and stop by your sites and try and keepp track of what you have been up to. As you know dad is always brief with info.
I am really proud of you.
Miss you loads


september 28, 2008

Your site is the best one!

Debbie Child

august 19, 2008

Hey Jen!
Love the CD! Looking forward to the Musical Tribute evening, and I hope you’re sore after today’s session!
(Your favourite Personal Trainer!) 🙂

Roger Esturninos

june 9, 2008

Hi Jennifer,
Checking out your website.
I am impressed already and I was only on the Home page!
See you on your show on the 14th of June 2008.
Break a leg,Roger

Jo-Ann Pobre

april 27, 2008

hey heyyy!!

great to have met you! down to earth chick!
hope to catch up with u at the sydney fiestaaaa!!!

keep in touch!


april 26, 2008

your even prettier in real life.
i didnt see the show, i kinda wish i had, but your perfomance last night was beautiful.

look forward to seeing the photos!

chad james gallagher

april 23, 2008

ei jenn its me chad catch up with some other tym hope your doing great ganda u talaga and i love you voice muaaaaaah

chad james gallagher

april 17, 2008

jeny ur very succesful na hhehe im so happy for you take care of your self!!! jeny is a simple girl she is so lovely she is friendly i just love her hehehe

Alex Jane

april 12, 2008


I just wanted to say that i saw your performance today of Miss Saigon. YOU WERE GREAT!!!! You have an amazing voice and your whole performance was fantastic. I am studying specialist drama at John Curtin College of the Arts and seeing your performance today has really inspired me to push myself to acchieve my best acting outcomes.

Good luck for the future and i wish you all the best.

What does it feel like to get up infront of such a big crowd and perform?


april 10, 2008

U have been a lovely Kim to watch on stage. Will watch again on the 12thApril with my sista! Is there any chance we can chit chat n take photos with u? Take care u!!

Catherine Davey

february 25, 2008

I truly enjoyed meeting and chatting with you. (in Perth) Your Miss Saigon performance was so beautiful and real that I start to cry when I think of it!!!!
I had waited 13 years to see it and it exceeded me exceptations. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent!!!!

Louisa Pobre

february 17, 2008


Was a pleasure meeting you! Love your songs and I am looking forward to seeing your show.

Take care and enjoy the rest of your tour here in Perth.

Luv Louisa Pobre xxx


february 12, 2008

Loved Miss Saigon and what a great voice you have Jen.
Enjoyed the launch and looking forward to hearing that beautiful voice of yours a lot more in the future.

Rosabelle trijo

february 7, 2008

sup cuz!
you inspire and your voice and music really makes me feel that i am there feeling what your feeling. I’m inspired by you and touched by your passion. I am blessed to have u in my life…love you lots


february 7, 2008

“GO-GETTER”, “THE CONQUERER” … and the latest single from Jen Trijo “THE TERMINATOR”!!!

Cherry Juice

february 5, 2008

Hi Jen,
nice videos from the EP launch, I see the cameraman must have been so mesmerized by you, he didn’t even bother to show other musicians, I understand, I understand… Anyway, looking forward to the future, love working with you

Vilma & David Paasuke

february 4, 2008

Your performance tonight was wonderful and you deserve all the success that comes your way.
Good Luck with your future career.
Vilma & David

Rhoda Lopez

january 28, 2008


Hip hip Hooray for getting your songs played on air for the first time last night… May there be many many many more opportunities and it’s to infinity and beyond!!!

I love that we are friends and work colleagues too.

Thank you for being your true self, always.

Looking forward to the gig on Monday night!

Lots of Love,

🙂 xoxox

Sarah Ampil

january 20, 2008

Jen!! This is amazing!

You must be having sooo much fun interstate. But we MSO people miss you heaps!! 😛 tell me when you’re in Sydney next and we have to organise a catch up!!

– Sarah

Alia Resurreccion

january 20, 2008

HEY.. ur music is really ‘radio-wothy’ LOL..

yes this brown earthy tone is much better than that pink and brown monstrosity. lol

yeah those keys suit u better.

woo party time.

XX alia

Kathrina Estella

january 20, 2008

YAAAAY!!! Love the website Jen!!!
Love you more xx
Stay up, stay blessed!