Shedding My Old Skin

Last year on my birthday I published 360 degrees: another birthday wish on The Serenade Files and today I read the article again. I’m glad that I documented what my younger self was feeling and thinking at the time, and in hindsight I am enriched by the risks […]

Solitude: at the Composer’s Desk

It has been a year of many creative risks and I recently reflected on my sabbatical in an article titled “I’ve taken a year off from teaching – and it’s the best thing I could’ve done!” for EducationHQ. Being open to change hasn’t always been instinctive but at […]

The Prolific and the Perfectionist: Mural Artist Claire Foxton Paints the Town

En route to one of my favourite cafes in Prospect, I spotted a visual artist on a scissor lift busily attending to a wall outside of Cotto Espresso. Prospect already boasts a few eye-catching murals but this artist’s palette caught my eye because it hearkened to the color […]


While on my brief Disenchanted hiatus, and as our creative team prepare for the Melbourne season, it is timely to reflect on the Noosa performances just passed. Friendship One of the perks of working in theatre and travelling to new places are the friendships that form as you […]

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