Eumundi Markets and Hastings Street – Photo Feature

It’s easy to see why the Sunshine Coast is a tourist magnet. Following a busy week filled with memorising songs, script, and choreography, I acquainted myself with a couple of its icons and I am richer for it. Eumundi Markets I travelled through a vibrant labyrinth of stalls […]

Mt Tinbeerwah Lookout – Photo Feature

I am living and working in Queensland throughout July, if you follow me on social media you’ll know why. I went exploring after work yesterday and ended up at Mt Tinbeerwah Lookout. I created this to express my gratitude for that moment. Notice the wanderer in me needed […]

Under the Bridge – Photo Feature

I walked familiar streets today, or at least I thought they were, A city so familiar to this lonesome traveller I ventured along traffic to the Harbour’s open arms, Though we’ve been long acquainted she revealed more of her charm Her stark iconic features adored by passersby, Yet […]

A Breath of Fresh Air: Amy Dickson’s World Premiere in Adelaide

Who dared to transcribe the frantic passages of Philip Glass’ Violin Concerto No. 1 for the saxophone, and then taught themselves to circular breathe in order to perform said transcription? An award-winning saxophonist with a profound message: how we breathe determines how we live. Amy Dickson arrived at […]

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