Here are some of the projects I’ve been involved in including the respective media reviews.

Someday – a Mindful Cabaret

“As her hauntingly beautiful voice echoes through the room, it is clear that the audience is not just captivated by the illustrious music, but rather Trijo herself. She is fascinating to watch as she commands the attention of the audience and keeps it in her steady palm, her voice similar to a siren’s call in these moments.”
– Dina Ustovic,

Pinoy Street Party

“Producer and DJ Kuya James must be congratulated for securing such a broad range of talent that comprised Emcille Wills, Serina Pech, and Iselle Grosskopf (PHLtheBeat) from the Northern Territory, and Brian Ruiz, Ben-Hur Winter, Kissey Gulle, Clai Pasion, James Sace, Becky Blake, Jennifer Trijo, Thina, Nicole Vergara, Kent Klakhaeng, Aksel Lor Encho, Miggy Hutton and Dangerous Trio from South Australia.”
– Rod Lewis,
Glam Adelaide

Once the Musical

“Victoria Falconer (Reza), Tamlyn Henderson (Svec), Abe Mitchell (Andrej) and Jennifer Trijo (Baruska) mix the zaniness of a bohemian-like Czech menagerie throughout the story while Jay Laga’aia (Da) and Rupert Reid (Billy) channel the stuck-in-a-rut Irishmen and bring an endearing quality to the cast.”
– Daniel Craig,
The Plus Ones

The Hipster

“Jennifer Trijo brings technical excellence and true stage presence, as well as subversive wit, to the character of Candy, one that could easily have been a mere clichéd stereotype.”
– Anthony Vawser,
Stage Whispers

Peter Pan
[music director]

“Jennifer Trijo’s band was central to the show’s success. They provided well modulated musical support to the cast and established the atmosphere in every scene.”
– David Smith,
TASA Online

Mamma Mia
[music director]

“The music of Mamma Mia! is what draws the crowds and Musical Director Jennifer Trijo has successfully coached the cast in their harmonies and in creating the overall ABBA sound. The band are slick, never drowning out the vocals so the audience can enjoy every nostalgic moment.”
– Trish Francis,
TASA Online


“Jennifer Trijo who plays Mulan, Pocahontas and Princess Jasmine is no hit and miss with her exotic presence and those vocals that leave no doubt in your mind that she’s not just a pretty face.”
Weekend Notes

A Thousand Cranes
[composer | musical director]

“The new musical version of Sadako Sasaki’s story is a truly marvelous. This is mainly due to its poignancy, as well as its elegant, sophisticated and imaginative realization in this production, as envisaged by Sarah Williams (Director/Choreographer), Anthony Butler (co-Director/Designer) and Jennifer Trijo (Musical Director/Composer).”
– Tony Knight,
Stage Whispers

In This Silence

“Trijo is superb as she brings Veronica’s thoughts and imaginings to life through songs.  Her voice is hauntingly beautiful, bringing both tenderness and strength to the appropriate places.”

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