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jennifertrijo.com is a creative hub. It began as a site to host Jennifer’s performing arts achievements and evolved into an arts and lifestyle publication in January 2017.

The Serenade Files was inspired by the creative achievements of human beings; this is definitely something to sing about. Serenade was Jennifer’s nickname throughout high school. Her peers knew her as the singer hence Serenade was a by-product of her reputation as an active singer.

Jennifer specialises in the performing arts, music, and education. Her goal is to help you improve your craft and promote your work. Jennifer’s reviews are opinion pieces and will only ever be constructive, honest, and based on her experience of a particular show, film, or book.


There are dozens of free articles on The Serenade Files for you to read and share. Jennifer writes to benefit you. Here she shares the knowledge that she has gained through thousands of hours of stage experience, and studying music, education, journalism, and business management.

She writes from the perspective of a trained musician, performer, educator, and lover of the arts. If you want to support Jennifer, subscribe to our mailing list or purchase one of her products. Visit the shop to learn more.



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Strictly Ballroom – Assistant Musical Director
A Thousand Cranes – Musical Director / Composer
Wicked – Musical Director
Disenchanted! – Performer
Vocal Hub Collective – Vocal Coach

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