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Jennifer Trijo

Performer, Musician, Writer, Composer, & Teacher: I have a bohemian heart. I'm inspired by compassion, kindness, and creativity. 💕 I am the curator of The Serenade Files @, freelance writer for Australian Teacher Magazine and


While on my brief Disenchanted hiatus, and as our creative team prepare for the Melbourne season, it is timely to reflect on the Noosa performances just passed. Friendship One of the perks of working in theatre and travelling to new places are the friendships that form as you […]

Noosa National Park – Photo Feature

I spent three hours of my life in sublime surrounds as my feet led me through the scrub and rocky paths of the Noosa National Park. Picturesque coves and endless horizon were the backdrop to the Coastal Track which led to Hells Gate. I meditated at Dolphin Point […]

You Are the Universe: Stefanoff’s International Career Soars

Mark Stefanoff is enjoying success in exotic locations working with some of the biggest names in entertainment, yet he remains genuine, grounded, and sincere. Kinky Boots won the heart of many Australians and a year ago Stefanoff and I were in Surry Hills chatting about his professional debut […]


It has been a fast-paced couple of rehearsal weeks but I am pleased to say that our company has blocked the entire show! It is a good place to be after week two and we have had three full runs before production week commences. The daunting part about […]

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