Beautiful – The Carole King Musical Part 1

I am so delighted to share that I’ve been booked to perform in Beautiful – The Carole King Musical! It will be produced by Matt Ward Entertainment and presented at The Star, Gold Coast. I will be joining these gorgeous humans in bringing to life the story of legendary singer-songwriter Carole King. We start rehearsalsContinue reading “Beautiful – The Carole King Musical Part 1”

The Deep North – the first African-Australian musical

During September and October 2022, I had the pleasure of performing in a new musical called The Deep North, produced by South Australian Playwrights Theatre with book by Matthew Hawkins and music by James Bannah Jr. After three weeks of rehearsal at the Adelaide Festival Centre, we had a limited season in The Space Theatre.Continue reading “The Deep North – the first African-Australian musical”

Umbrella Festival is a wrap

During July, I played a number of gigs as part of the Umbrella Festival, South Australia’s winter music festival. The shows were produced by Emma Knights Productions. Emma, a prolific singer-songwriter herself, is an advocate for original music and I’m grateful that she’s included me in her artist lineup this year. I’ve performed at UrrbraeContinue reading “Umbrella Festival is a wrap”

Once Australia – Part Two

I didn’t anticipate such a long break between part one and part two of my reflections on this particular project, however, life threw me and my fellow creatives an unexpected curve ball in mid 2021. Our last show was on Tuesday 22 June last year, following this we were in extended lock down in NewContinue reading “Once Australia – Part Two”

Once Australia – Part One

It’s been too long since my last Meditations blog entry. I’ve been busy manifesting and creating so this is going to be an overview to cover the past couple of months since the Adelaide Fringe Festival ended and I wrapped up a successful premiere season of my show Someday. Auditions A few days after my finalContinue reading “Once Australia – Part One”

Someday (Music/Cabaret) | Adelaide Fringe Festival

I’ve been very busy over the past month refining my new original music show for the Adelaide Fringe Festival. After developing the single ‘Someday‘ through the Interplay artist development program in 2020, I’ve decided to curate a selection of my original songs to present as a mindful cabaret. I’ve incorporated positive psychology and neuroscience intoContinue reading “Someday (Music/Cabaret) | Adelaide Fringe Festival”

Nexus Arts Orchestra | Adelaide Entertainment Centre

I’m ever so grateful for my involvement with Nexus Arts, a contemporary and culturally-diverse arts organisation based in Adelaide, South Australia. I was honoured to be booked as one of three singers who performed with the Nexus Arts Orchestra on 26 January 2021. I thank Music Director Julian Ferraretto for his beautiful arrangements of IContinue reading “Nexus Arts Orchestra | Adelaide Entertainment Centre”

Patience | practising delayed gratification

I’ve been sketching for a month now and I can already see an improvement as a result of my creative effort. I chose my latest subject while I was out on a walk with my family. I spotted this pelican poised on a rock in the Roy Amer Reserve Wetlands and something about it appealedContinue reading “Patience | practising delayed gratification”

Navigation by Stardust | reflections on a purposeful life

This time of year means different things to everyone. It’s lauded as a holiday season yet, for many, it causes more work and stress than a supposed holiday ought to. For some it is a spiritual season, one of hope and new beginnings, and a time for giving to our loved ones or those whoContinue reading “Navigation by Stardust | reflections on a purposeful life”

Set in Stone | fixed mindsets

I used to think that I had no talent in visual arts. This was before I’d even attempted to sketch anything. In my mind, I’m a musician, a performer who feels at home telling a story on stage (or, since 2020, via a screen). At the start of this month, I began exploring a newContinue reading “Set in Stone | fixed mindsets”