Que sera: a glass half full

It’s easy to look at what’s going on in the world and become overwhelmed with emotions that are negative, or to feel hard-done-by, but our circumstances alone do not dictate our level of wellbeing. We have the gift of intention to do with as we please. A week ago, a phenomenal lightning storm lit upContinue reading “Que sera: a glass half full”

The Recordist – Adelaide Film Festival

In January I was cast as an extra for this short film which will premiere on Monday 19 October at the Adelaide Film Festival. Filmmakers Indianna Bell and Josiah Allen are quickly making a name for themselves in the international festival circuit with their previous film Call Connect taking home the award of Best NarrativeContinue reading “The Recordist – Adelaide Film Festival”

Interplay concert series | Someday launch

My heart is full and I’m ever so thankful to have been one of the artists to perform for the 2020 Interplay concert series. Following many months of working in the studio, refining songs and trying to create something musical from the plethora of emotions I’ve endured this year, I was so happy to returnContinue reading “Interplay concert series | Someday launch”

Seven months on from my 2020 resolution

I’ve recently read my blog from 31 December 2019 Why I’m not making a list of resolutions for 2020 which, in retrospect, seems fitting for that tumultuous year now nearing its end. I’d decided to create a mantra instead, which was ‘lower your expectations, not your standards’ and I dare say it’s served me wellContinue reading “Seven months on from my 2020 resolution”

Meditations on creativity

Three and a half years ago, I started a personal blog which later grew into something more. The blog that began as jennifertrijo.com is now The Serenade Files, my online publication, with its own dedicated domain. I’ve decided to keep it separate from my personal blog so that I can continue to highlight the accomplishmentsContinue reading “Meditations on creativity”