The Recordist – Adelaide Film Festival

In January I was cast as an extra for this short film which will premiere on Monday 19 October at the Adelaide Film Festival. Filmmakers Indianna Bell and Josiah Allen are quickly making a name for themselves in the international festival circuit with their previous film Call Connect taking home the award of Best Narrative Short 2019 at the Austin Film Festival. Check out the trailer for their upcoming psychological thriller The Recordist.

I’ve been blessed to meet Evelyn Saito on set in the dressing room scene. She did the makeup for lead actress Jordan Cowan including her bird tattoo. Evelyn and I struck up a great conversation behind the scenes and I’ve since used her incredible makeup talents for my music video, photoshoot, and live show for the Someday project.

I cherish the many creative collaborations I’ve had throughout my career and I continue to meet more amazing people, I’m truly grateful for this freelance creative life. Thank you to Indianna Bell for booking me to be part of this exciting project, I wish you every success with your latest film. Please follow Stakeout Films on social media to support these talented young creatives.

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