Interplay concert series | Someday launch

My heart is full and I’m ever so thankful to have been one of the artists to perform for the 2020 Interplay concert series. Following many months of working in the studio, refining songs and trying to create something musical from the plethora of emotions I’ve endured this year, I was so happy to return to the stage to share my songs and stories. Here are some of the highlights from last night’s gig. This was the first live audience I’ve had the pleasure of performing my new single ‘Someday’ to and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

Leni and I performed for the opening night of the Interplay concert series. Here is the incredible lineup of artists who are booked to play over the next couple of months at Nexus Arts. I encourage you to support original live music, particularly during a year where artists have been negatively impacted by the various restrictions imposed on the live performance industry. In Adelaide, I’m glad to see live venues gradually opening up to patrons. Thank you to the patrons who’ve returned to such venues to support the arts. For more information about Nexus Arts’ events please visit

Thank you to the following people for supporting the Someday single launch:

Emma Luker – violinist
Katie Dridan – visual artist
Jakub Gaudasinski – recording-engineer; producer; cellist, Synthetica Digital Audio
Emily Tulloch – artistic director, Nexus Arts
Naomi Keyte – artist development officer, Nexus Arts
Noni Espinosa – head technician, Nexus Arts
Rosie Rose – radio broadcaster; interviewer, Radio Adelaide 101.5FM
Leigh McGrane – publicist, Against the Grain

“Wait… for a better time, for the perfect day, wait… hoping that one day someday will arrive.”

– Jennifer Trijo, ‘Someday’

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