Seven months on from my 2020 resolution

I’ve recently read my blog from 31 December 2019 Why I’m not making a list of resolutions for 2020 which, in retrospect, seems fitting for that tumultuous year now nearing its end. I’d decided to create a mantra instead, which was ‘lower your expectations, not your standards’ and I dare say it’s served me well this year.

Looking back on the first quarter, I was working so hard juggling simultaneous creative projects including two musicals, and editing multiple reviews from my freelance writers during the Adelaide Fringe Festival. Then, the figurative rug was pulled out from under us all and the live performance industry suddenly came to a stop.

Somewhere in amongst the busy first quarter of 2020, I did a couple of spontaneous things which have helped me stay creative. The first thing was replying to a call-out for culturally and linguistically diverse musicians to take part in a Nexus Arts program, Interplay. The second, I applied for a call-out for culturally and linguistically diverse artists to work for ActNow Theatre. To my delight, both of these opportunities resulted in creative work for me, along with invaluable friendships and fruitful conversations with artists across the performing arts industries. These are but some of the freelance creative projects I will be meditating on in this personal blog.

Five lessons I’ve learned from the six-month pause of 2020

  • Trust your intuition and know when a project or a collaboration is right for you
  • Put your hand up for an opportunity that interests you. Sometimes they come along when you’re already preoccupied, but not putting yourself forward could mean precious missed opportunities that could further your career
  • Put yourself forward, and expect no more than the opportunity to grow and learn
  • Set standards for yourself, and ensure they are challenging but realistic
  • Create work that excites you with people who you respect

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