Patience | practising delayed gratification

I’ve been sketching for a month now and I can already see an improvement as a result of my creative effort. I chose my latest subject while I was out on a walk with my family. I spotted this pelican poised on a rock in the Roy Amer Reserve Wetlands and something about it appealedContinue reading “Patience | practising delayed gratification”

Navigation by Stardust | reflections on a purposeful life

This time of year means different things to everyone. It’s lauded as a holiday season yet, for many, it causes more work and stress than a supposed holiday ought to. For some it is a spiritual season, one of hope and new beginnings, and a time for giving to our loved ones or those whoContinue reading “Navigation by Stardust | reflections on a purposeful life”

Set in Stone | fixed mindsets

I used to think that I had no talent in visual arts. This was before I’d even attempted to sketch anything. In my mind, I’m a musician, a performer who feels at home telling a story on stage (or, since 2020, via a screen). At the start of this month, I began exploring a newContinue reading “Set in Stone | fixed mindsets”

Waterfalls | finding flow

At the foot of the Waterfall Gully to Mt Lofty Summit trail, there is a serene body of water. I recently hiked here with my husband for our four year anniversary, and it is a place I love visiting. It brings me closer to Adelaide’s natural surrounds and, following a strenuous climb, there’s the gratificationContinue reading “Waterfalls | finding flow”

Face It | managing fear

Whenever I stand at the threshold of something daunting I feel my heartbeat accelerate as I sense fear trying to talk me out of taking that next step. In these moments I imagine something serene, and I focus my energy on it until my moderate heartbeat returns. My cousin took a photograph of Jasmine’s faceContinue reading “Face It | managing fear”

It Could Be a Vase | assigning labels

unfulfilled it stoodatop a wooden tablethe empty vase had not a drop to hold its needs were transparentbut no one ever met themthe thirsty vase had not a bloom to boast I saw the lonely vesseland chose to make it specialthrough my drawing it would be the star destinies are chosenby every individualit need notContinue reading “It Could Be a Vase | assigning labels”

Take Flight | prolific not perfect

Two years ago I interviewed an artist as she painted a mural outside of a café. Her process fascinated me and so I struck up a conversation with her and she agreed to be interviewed on my blog at The Serenade Files. That artist was Claire Foxton and during the interview she said something toContinue reading “Take Flight | prolific not perfect”

Take a leaf | the philosopher’s voice

I once stopped to admire an insect resting on a leaf in a garden. This moment moved me in its simplicity. Everything in nature has its purpose and this was one of those serene examples of fauna and flora existing harmoniously. This image captures individualism and interconnection, so when I was thinking of what toContinue reading “Take a leaf | the philosopher’s voice”

Baby Steps | encountering roadblocks in creativity

I’ve often wondered why I hesitate or become anxious before beginning a creative task. In the domain I’m most experienced in, music, I think it’s because I’ve studied it for many years and I have high expectations for myself. While I always aim for quality when I produce music, I’ve observed that my reputation inContinue reading “Baby Steps | encountering roadblocks in creativity”

​​Mother Nature | The silence of beauty

I’ve practised mindful creativity yesterday and I’ve posted a blog about surrendering to creative impulse. It turns out inspiration has no regard for one’s body clock and around midnight inspiration visited me again. I chose to be accommodating and sketched a new work in bed aided by the dim light of a bed lamp. I’mContinue reading “​​Mother Nature | The silence of beauty”