Take Flight | prolific not perfect

Two years ago I interviewed an artist as she painted a mural outside of a café. Her process fascinated me and so I struck up a conversation with her and she agreed to be interviewed on my blog at The Serenade Files. That artist was Claire Foxton and during the interview she said something to me that still resonates with me today, ‘it is more about being prolific than perfect.’

Take Flight by Jennifer Trijo

I’ve managed to set aside some moments of each day this week to sketch and I’ve been surprised by my creative output having adopted this new mindset. I imagine that I’m capable and I take action without judgement or self-criticism. I give myself permission to learn, discover, and be present.

“No amount of skilful invention can replace the essential element of imagination.”

– Edward Hopper

I’ve decided to draw a duck taking flight. Ducks are versatile in that they are creatures of earth, water, and sky. It seemed metaphorical for this creative phase because taking flight requires courage in order to traverse the elements in this life. This duck symbolised the boundless versatility I wish to attain in my creative practice.

I never want to be bound by labels or arbitrary parameters. I’ve tried to express this through my mixed media artwork. I will learn the conventions, respect them, and be brave enough to venture along a different path, one which I’ve created.

If you’re battling the fear of criticism with your creative work, I hope my meditations blog is helping you. If you need more encouragement, I invite you to read a blog I wrote earlier this year on the topic of courage and creativity here.

Here are the entries for my previous artworks should you wish to follow my journey since the start of this week:
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