Set in Stone | fixed mindsets

I used to think that I had no talent in visual arts. This was before I’d even attempted to sketch anything. In my mind, I’m a musician, a performer who feels at home telling a story on stage (or, since 2020, via a screen). At the start of this month, I began exploring a new creative domain, and in retrospect I realise how fixed my mind was about the areas in which I was capable of expressing myself. I know I still have much to learn about visual arts, but I’ve embraced the practice as means for extending my own creative voice.

Set in Stone by Jennifer Trijo

I’ve always found nature to be my muse. I’m fortunate to live in South Australia which is rich in beautiful landscapes and landmarks. One such iconic landmark is Remarkable Rocks on Kangaroo Island. I’ve used a photo taken by my cousin Pia to base this sketch on. I’m in awe of these formations sculpted by nature and I want to fill my creative journal with images which energise and inspire me. So here is my latest sketch titled Set in Stone, inspired by a remarkable natural rock formation.

According to Carol S. Dweck, “mindsets change the meaning of effort”. There are some who believe that talent is innate; you either have it or you don’t. I hold the belief that talent can be learned and developed through creative effort. This is how I will approach my skills in visual art. I will keep seeking out muses and drawing subjects which energise and inspire me. I invite you to follow my creative journey as I share my development as an artist who embraces multiple creative domains.

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