Nexus Arts Orchestra | Adelaide Entertainment Centre

I’m ever so grateful for my involvement with Nexus Arts, a contemporary and culturally-diverse arts organisation based in Adelaide, South Australia. I was honoured to be booked as one of three singers who performed with the Nexus Arts Orchestra on 26 January 2021.

I thank Music Director Julian Ferraretto for his beautiful arrangements of I Am Australian, and Vonda Last’s composition Meeting Place / Home. I am grateful to Emily Tulloch, Artistic Director of Nexus Arts for this special opportunity, and to the Australia Day Council of SA for organising this event. Not only did I get to sing on the same stage as these incredible musicians, the Tutti Ensemble, and the Australian Girls Choir, I also got to share the stage with Aussie rock legends the Birds of Tokyo who performed an energetic set of their popular tunes. I have now expanded my creative circle and my heart is full. I love my job and the choices that have led me to moments like this.

I Am Australian performed by the Nexus Arts Orchestra, Tutti Ensemble, and the Australian Girls Choir

Nexus Arts Orchestra

Julian Ferraretto (music director)
Vonda Last (vocals)
Farhan Shah (vocals)
Jennifer Trijo (vocals)
Allen Edwards (didgeridoo)
Noriko Tadano (shamisen)
Zhao Liang (gu-zheng – Chinese harp)
Lazaro Numa (trumpet)
Maryam Rahmani (santur)
Alain valodze (guitar)
Zuhir Naji (oud)
Aboud Abaza (violin)
Robin Anthony (violin)
Karen De Nardi (viola)
Allye Sinclair (cello)
Satomi Ohnishi (drums)
Bortier (percussion)

Image and video credits: Julian Ferraretto, Zuhir Naji, Farhan Shah, and Jennifer Trijo

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